Season 2, Episode 7: Where is Joanna Gaines? Adventures in Austin and Waco

***We want to thank this week’s sponsor – one of Rachel’s go-to places to entertain her kiddos – Kaleidoscopes Indoor Playground. Her eight year-old loves their two story slide and lego room, her five year-old is obsessed with the climbing wall and her two year-old runs straight for the train table. It’s pretty much kid heaven. Not only do they have open play times, they also have other organized activities, such as Nerf Gun Wars and a spring break camp that includes art, crafts, science and lots of play. Spaces are limited, so visit their Web site or call (502) 437-2261 to reserve your spot today.

We know.  We know.  We look ridiculous!

When you have mass quantities of joy and anticipation in your heart, sometimes it comes out in the most over-the-top sort of ways.

Last week, with just six days notice, we packed up our spanx and finest hipster threads and flew across the country to Texas to take part in the IF:Gathering. As a bonus, we had meetings with peeps in the literary world, made some new besties, spread the podcast love all over the city of Austin, gained 32 pounds eating gourmet food and spent six hours straight watching Lifetime movies in our hotel room.

We also paid a visit to Magnolia Market because it’s no secret that Rachel loves Joanna Gaines more than just about any person on the planet. And Megan loves Rachel, so she loves Joanna too. We posted pics and videos from our adventure in Waco to our Instagram page.

All the great places we visited and ate:

Westin Downtown Austin, Gateway Church,  Moonshine Grill,  Via 313, Perla’s, Trace (at the W Hotel), Elizabeth Street Cafe